When the zombie apocalypse comes, you’ll want Liz on your side. Just don’t throw anything to her and expect her to catch it. 

She was the shy, skinny, geeky and completely unathletic girl growing up; Liz never played any team sports. But the geeks shall inherit the earth. After they’ve finished killing all the zombies. 

Liz was not always in the zombie-killing shape she is now. In her early 20s a quest to put on some muscle put her on a fitness merry-go-round that wasn’t so merry. Eventually, she found weights and her first badass trainer, and the taste of iron was found to be sweet. 

Then she moved to Kansas City, the one in Missouri, and quit working out. 

Bachelor’s degree in art history in hand, she launched into a career of … waiting tables and gaining weight. Not the good kind of weight. After five years of “I’ll start up again on Monday” she hired another badass trainer to kick her ass. And he did. Soon, Liz was in the best, zombie-slaying shape of her life. 

That badass trainer’s name is Ethan. Eventually, Liz and Ethan married, which is supposedly scandalous. Liz doesn’t care. 

Loving the iron so much, Liz quit working in retail to get her personal training certification. After only a year of working out she met a girl doing her first show and it planted the seed of competition in Liz’s mind. In 2011 Liz competed in her first show in Figure, but felt small because at 5, 10” it was hard for her to get the size she needed, so she switched over to Bikini in 2012 and earned her IFBB pro card in 2015. 

Liz loves competing because it’s all about realizing potential. It has given her the strength and mental discipline to become her most confident self so that when the dead rise up, she’ll be ready. 

As long as the zombies don’t challenge her to a game of baseball. 


-James S. Fell, MBA, CSCS

Author and Internationally Syndicated Fitness Columnist